Pixera OrganStudio™

The software of the Pixera OrganStudio™ system is full featured and designed for a wide array of medical applications.

OrganStudio™ Software Overview

The Pixera OrganStudio™ software has the features which doctors have asked for and need. Annotation tools give the user the ability to measure lengths or the degree of an angle, place cutting lines over an image, place counting markers to label specific areas, type text over an image, and much more. The viewfinder control panel is designed for and by professionals, and provides advanced functions for those who wish to capture images the way they want. Users can create a report consisting of a series of related images to keep their work efficient as well as organized. All data is archived in a searchable database, turning lost images into a thing of the past. The Pixera OrganStudio™ software is a complete solution for medical applications, giving doctors what they need most.


Automatically create albums, adjust image color balance, and much more - all in one easy-to-use application.

Software Settings


Each captured image is tagged with a unique ID and stored in a database so that your images are only a click away - whenever you need them.

Software Organization