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Up to 1.2 Million Pixels
Enhanced Image Processing
Sensitivity, 0.3lux
Up to 10x Sensitivity*
Frame Averaging -
Up to 256 times
Dynamic Histogram Functions
Precision Measurement Tool
Windows® & Mac® OS

Darkfield Transmitted/Reflected
Brightfield Transmitted/Reflected
Phase Contrast
Nomarski Transmitted/Reflected

Camera, PCI Interface Card, Cable, Software (Windows® & Mac® OS), User Manual and Great Customer Support

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Product Description

120es - Enhanced Sensitivity & Image Quality, High Resolution

The 120es is a versatile, 1.2 million pixel color camera system with enhanced image processing capabilities that makes it the perfect choice for a broad range of biomedical and industrial applications. Incorporating new sophisticated image processing functions for frame averaging, dynamic histogram options and precise measuring tools, the 120es digital camera system sets a new level of price/performance in digital imaging.

Based on 2nd generation versions of Pixera's unique DiRactor™ light refracting technology and proprietary 100% software image processing, the 120es digital camera system and the 120es Application suite deliver image quality previously attainable only with cooled CCD cameras.

120es Application Suite - Advanced Features for Microscopy (Windows®)
The 120es Suite offers a full set of powerful image capture and archiving tools. The integrated set of applications delivers professional quality flexibility, functionality for capturing, analyzing, manipulating, archiving digital images with low noise, accurate colors, sharp edges, and excellent detail. In addition to Album and Motion, the 120es Application Suite contains these specially enhanced applications:

Viewfinder Pro (Windows®)
The Viewfinder Pro is the window to the advanced imaging capabilities of the 120es. Users access a powerful, flexible, yet easy to use interface for adjusting capture resolution, white balance calibration, contrast/brightness, color balance as well as the new features of frame averaging and dynamic histogram functions that include equalizations, contrast expansion and level adjustment.

TWAIN Viewfinder Pro (Windows®)
The TWAIN Viewfinder connects popular imaging or specialty analysis software packages directly with the 120es. Like the Viewfinder Pro, TWAIN Viewfinder Pro includes access to the same powerful set of features and functions through a very consistent user interface.

Studio Pro (Windows®)
The Studio pro provides sophisticated manipulation and analysis tools required for many scientific and industrial applications. Tools including line, angle and perimeter trace measurement functions allow for the calculation of distance within images. A new centroid function displays the center of gravity of a specified area. The histogram tool graphically displays the contrast distribution of any image. In addition, Studio Pro also contains a wide variety of image manipulation, enhancement and filter tools.

Adobe® Photoshop® Plug-in (Mac® OS)
The Adobe® Photoshop® Plug-in allows you to capture images directly into Adobe Photoshop and other applications supporting Photoshop plug-ins using the Pixera 120es.
Users can access through the Photoshop Plug-in viewfinder a powerful, flexible, yet easy to use interface for adjusting capture resolution, white balance calibration, contrast/brightness, color balance as well as frame averaging.

* Up to 10 x Sensitivity when compared with the Pixera Professional