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Up to 5.8 Million Pixels - 600CLM
Up to 1.5 Million Pixels - 150CLM
Up to 16-bit digitization
(65,536 gray levels)
Excellent Sensitivity:
High Signal-to-Noise-Ratio:
High Dynamic Range:
Low Dark Current
0 Defect CCD
15fps Viewfinder
@ 640x480
Long Integration Exposure:
Up to 64 min
Live Specimen Capture @ 1.5M pixels
Windows® & Mac® OS


Camera, PCI Interface Card, 10ft (3m) Cable, Software (Windows/Mac), Users Manual, 1 year Warranty,
Free Driver Downloads, Customer Support.


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Penguin 150CLM & 600CLM - Monochrome Digital Camera Systems

The Penguin 150CLM & 600CLM represent a new and unique combination of very high resolution and very high sensitivity in monochrome for low light applications in microscopy. This is achieved by combining Pixera's high-resolution DiRactor® technology, extremely efficient cooling and sophisticated image processing technology.

The "fanless" 4-stage thermoelectric Peltier cooling device reduces dark current noise by being attached to the fixed CCD's back plane. The heat is then transferred away from the CCD's silicon to the external enclosure surface. No parts are moving, inclusive of the CCD, which is important in order to achieve the greatest cooling and image quality results. The cooling device is extremely fast with quiet operation and achieves its target temperature within 2 minutes of switching on the system.

Other features include a high quality 1/2" B/W CCD, from Sony® with square pixels, long integration exposure, high dynamic range, high signal-to-noise ratio and a very easy to learn interface with simple yet powerful controls.

Unlike many other digital camera systems which increase resolution using software interpolation, the Penguin 600CLM allows for a true optical resolution of 15.8 million pixels using Pixera's proprietary DiRactor, light-swing opto-mechanical technology. When you need the absolute highest image quality and resolution for archiving, digital zoom in and publishing, the Penguin 600CLM with up to 5.8 million pixel resolution is your best choice.

See also: Pro 150ESM & 600ESM with a monochrome sensor and up to 1.5/5.8 million pixel resolution.