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Multimedia Camera System
Up to 1.2 Million Pixels
Excellent Image Quality
Color Viewfinder
Feature-Rich Application
Windows® & Mac® OS

Multimedia Projects
Video Conferencing
Document Scanning
3D Scanning

Camera, PCI Interface Card, Cable, Stand, Software (Windows & MacOS), Users Manual, Free driver downloads, 1 Year Warranty and Custom
er Support

Product Description
The world's most versatile digital camera, the Pixera Personal is a pure 100% digital 1.2 million pixel camera that goes beyond simple electronic snapshot photography. Our unique optical DiRactor™ (Diaphragm Refractor) and software image processing technology enable you to capture and share high-resolution documents and pictures. The camera has a fixed-focus built-in lens that focuses at 8 inches for easy flat-art capturing from its stand/carrying case, or simply mount it on a tripod for even more versatility. Use it with your desktop computer's PCI interface. Capture motion video and high-resolution images for anything you create on your computer - fast. Click the shutter and it is on your hard drive within seconds. Communicate your ideas, in person by using compatible video conferencing software. Communicate visually with multimedia e-mail using and video clips.