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Up to 1.2 Million Real Pixels
Excellent Image Quality
Color Viewfinder
Feature-Rich Application Software
Windows® & Mac® OS

Medical - Pathology, Histology
Biological - Cell Biology, Bright Fluorescence
Material Sciences - Metallurgy, Geology
Industrial - QA/QC, Inspection
Studio - Tripod/Copy Stand


Camera, PCI Interface card, 10ft (3m) Cable,
Software (Windows® and Mac® OS), Users Manual, 1 year Warranty, Free Driver Downloads and Customer Support.

The Professional is Used by Thousands of Scientists, Technicians and Engineers Around the World!

Product Description
The Pixera Professional is a versatile, 1.2 million pixel color digital camera system that provides excellent image quality, color reproduction, sensitivity and resolution for a broad range of biomedical, material sciences and industrial applications, utilizing Pixera's unique optical DiRactor™ (Diaphragm Refractor) and software image processing technology, for best quality and performance.

The Pixera Professional is today used by several thousands scientists around the world, as a basic and very reliable image capturing system.

The Pixera Professional supports a wide variety of microscopy types, including brightfield, darkfield, polarized, phase contrast and bright fluorescence.

The Professional is easy to use, fast and connects to almost any microscope using a standard C-mount interface. Bundled with a suite of powerful applications for Windows® and Mac® OS systems.
Use it with your desktop computer's standard PCI interface.

The Pixera Professional is the price/performance leader in high-resolution digital imaging.