CCD Color Video Camera
with 10lux Sensitivity, Low Power Consumption, Superior Image Quality and Very Small Size,
only (W)23x(H)46x(D)8mm.

Great for Build-in Applications

Product Description
PXG-100N-PH Perfect for security, covert surveillance or industrial uses. The world's smallest micro-miniature color CCD camera features excellent image quality and the lowest power requirements of any color video camera. Pixera's digital image processing automatically controls white balance, electronic shutter, saturation, hue and luminance, maintaining superior image quality and color reproduction. Optical glass pinhole lens produces razor sharp video in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Includes DC power and video wiring leads.

PAL versions are also available as PXG-100P-PH

Camera module With Pinhole Lens &
2ft Power/Video Cable (No Connector)
Camera Holder Wallmount, Adjustable Up/Down