Pro-D/DM Series Application Software

Pro-D/DM Series Application Suite: iWorks Brochure PDF

■ Camera Systems:
Pro-D series color cameras (Pro300D/500D/1000D/1400D)
Pro-DM series monochrome cameras (Pro300DM/500DM/1000DM/1400DM)
■ Operating Systems: Windows 7,8,&10 (32bit / 64bit)

A powerful and easy to use Application Suite for Pro-D/DM Series Camera Systems, that help you capture images fast and accurately, with powerful tools.
iWorks series are enhanced for high-end specialist of microscopy imaging with advanced technology. Measuring, Analyzing Image under dynamic user friendly interface, multi-lingual support with most advanced biological, metallurgical imaging solution. iWorks makes it easy to acquire images, count, measure and classify objects, and automate your work.

iWorks Series

iWorks Lite bundled with Pro-D series color cameras

iWorks Lite is bundled with Pro-D series color cameras. It is the perfect solution for microscope color cameras with measurement tools, image stitching, and time lapse features.

■ Basic measurement tools
■ Export data to Excel, CSV
■ Moderate imaging progress filter with 3D plot
■ Image stitching, multi-focus
■ AOI, annotation, scale marker, etc.
■ Time lapse capture/Movie recording

iWorks Lite GUI

iWorks FX bundled with Pro-DM series monochrome cameras

iWorks FX is bundled with Pro-DM series monochrome cameras, or optional for Pro-D series color cameras. It is outstanding software for high-end bio-medical specialists including auto-count/measure and fluorescence imaging features.

■ Auto Count/ Measure objects
■ Object editing/ Sorting with limit value
■ Auto Calibration with Interactive Scale Marker
■ Advanced AOI manager
■ Advanced Fluorescence manager
■ Pre-defined dye list
■ Optional Plug-in applicable

iWorks FX GUI

iWorks FG (Industrial Advanced Version)

iWorks FG is the conversion version of iWorks FX with Grain Size Measurement.

■ Grain Analysis (Intercept Line, Planimetric Counting and Overlay Chart)
■ Extended Measurement Tools

iWorks FG GUI

iWorks Material (Metallurgical Analysis Version)

iWorks Material is the premium software program of iWorks series, including all functions found in iWorks Series.

■ Auto Edge Detecting Tools
■ Extended Image Tilling, Multi-Focus
■ Cast Iron Analysis
■ Non-metallic Inclusion Rating Analysis

iWorks Material GUI

Windows TWAIN and DirectShow drivers

Pixera Pro D/DM series are compatible with TWAIN and DirectShow to connect popular imaging or specialty analysis software packages.

MacOS Software

Application software for Mac OS is under development.