Driver Downloads

Pixera provides free downloads of drivers for its cameras. Drivers are necessary in order to allow the camera hardware to interact with your computer's operating system.

Free driver downloads are available for the following camera systems:
  • Digital Macro Imaging System
  • OrganStudio™ System
  • Penguin & Pro Series
  • 120es & Professional
  • Personal
  • PVC 100C & PVC 100

Users of the Pixera Personal, PVC-100, and PVC-100C, please follow the links for the 120es & Professional Camera Systems when selecting the driver.

Proceed to the driver download section.

(Note for PVC100, 120es and Penguin/Pro series customers.)

Installing new driver files only enables the camera to connect to the computer and does NOT upgrade the application software. If you lost the application software CD, you may purchase the upgrade version in order to use the camera system with the 32 bit version of Windows 7 OS. Please contact Pixera for more details.