About Pixera

About Pixera and Its Founding

Pixera Corporation, founded in 1995, is the premier developer of high-resolution digital and innovative analog & digital CCD cameras. Engineered with the world's most advanced technologies for camera design and image processing software, our products deliver unrivaled image quality, price/performance and reliability.

Pixera develops, builds, and markets digital cameras for the professional users of Biomedical/Scientific Imaging, Industrial Imaging, Security/Surveillance/CCTV, and Video Conferencing. Pixera's products, available for Windows and Macintosh computers, feature unique technologies for analog/digital video cameras, high-resolution, multi-function digital cameras, and software-based image processing.

Pixera is a private corporation, privately funded by corporate partners and leading US and international venture capital funds.

The company's headquarters are located in the heart of "Silicon Valley", San Jose, California and the corporate website is www.pixera.com.

Pixera Corporation was founded by Yuji Ide in January 1995. Mr. Ide is a leading innovator in visual communications who has authored over 100 patents in the field of digital cameras, video cameras and many other imaging technologies.

Corporate Overview

Pixera targets the Professional markets in Biomedical/Scientific Imaging, Industrial Imaging, Security/Surveillance/CCTV and Video Conferencing through a worldwide network of resellers, distributors and system integrators. We also offer customized solutions for special needs of OEMs, System Integrators, and VARs.

We continue to seek new partners and customers to develop next generation technology and products for business and consumers.

Please contact Pixera for further information on our products and to explore how we can work together to develop new business opportunities.

Product Lines and Technology

Pixera's proprietary technologies allow for extraordinary performance in both digital and analog imaging systems. Whether you are looking for high-resolution and performance as delivered by our DiRactor™-based digital still camera systems or the superb image quality and high frame rates provided by our color video cameras, we have the right camera for you.

Visit our products page to learn more about these camera systems and visit the DiRactor™ page for an explanation on how this technology works.