Pixera offers an array of software applications compatible with its hardware, as well as free downloads of its camera drivers.

Camera Drivers

Free driver downloads are available to owners of Pixera's high-resolution digital camera systems. Please visit the driver download page for more details.

Latest Versions of Pixera Software Applications

  • TelepathExpress v.1.0
  • OrganStudio v.1.0
  • iWorks Lite (Measurement Tools,Annotation,image Stitching, Multi-Focus, and Time Lapse, etc.)
  • iWorks FX (All featuers of iWorks Lite plus Auto Counting, Fluorescence Image Overlay etc..)
  • InStudio v.1.0 (Image Archiving,Measurement Tools(Length,Angle,Area),Annotation,and Fluorescent Image Overlay, etc.. )
  • Penguin/Pro Application Suite v.3.5.2 (w/ InStudio 1.0)
  • Penguin/Pro Application Suite v.3.0.2 (w/ Studio 3.0.1)
  • 120es Application Suite v.2.6.1
  • VCS (Visual Communication Suite) v.2.1.2
Contact Pixera for information about software upgrades.

Learn More

Visit the links below to learn more about Pixera's software applications:
Camera System Software Application
Pro D Series iWorks
TelepathExpress™ Pixera TelepathExpress™
OrganStudio™ Pixera OrganStudio™
Penguin & Pro Series Penguin/Pro Application Suite
120es 120es Application Suite
Professional VCS (Visual Communication Suite)

Third Party Compatible Software

Pro D Series Application iWorks supports many third party software through TWAIN and DirestShow drivers.

Penguin/Pro Series Application Ver.3.5.2 has camera control, album, measurement tools, annotation and fluorescence image overlay. Windows Operating Systems only.

In addition, the Penguin/Pro Series works with Windows based TWAIN drivers with a large number of third party applications and software including Adobe® Photoshop® for Mac OS via a plug-in. Contact Pixera for recommendations on great software for your needs.

Compix Inc. Imaging Systems - Simple PCI

The SimplePCI family of software includes image analysis, time-lapse, automated image capture control, measurements, microscope, and hardware control, etc.
Driver available from Compix Inc. at

NorPix - StreamPix

Advanced digital video recording. Only color cameras are supported.
Driver and software available from NorPix Inc. at