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CCD Color Video Board with Analog and/or Digital Signal Output.

Great for Video Conferencing and Security/Surveillance Applications.

Product Description

PXG-200ND-ST This high quality color video camera has it all; simultaneous analog (NTSC/PAL) and digital (YUV) outputs, very low power consumption and excellent image quality. It features excellent S/N ratio, AGC, automatic white balance and electronic shutter that makes it perfect for a wide variety of industrial, security or video phone applications. The digital video interface is provided through a 30-pin surface-mount connector. DC power can be attached through either the digital or analog connectors.

PAL versions are available as PXG-200PD-ST and PXG-200PD-PH


Camera module

With 30 pin Digital YUV connector &
4 pin NTSC/PAL connector
(Contact Pixera for Connector Pin Assignment and
State Timing Charts